LACTIS and Altered Gut Metabolism:


Experts now believe they have evidence that there is a strong link between the health (or existence) of bacteria in our gut and a huge range of health issues. This is not new however; natural therapists from the “old schools of teaching” were well aware of this cause-effect relationship. Western countries moved on from natural yoghurt as a good source of food for our gut bacteria and for convenience; the pharmaceutical probiotic capsule, powder or tablet was born.

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Japanese people over many centuries had already developed a system of eating that included small amounts from a wide variety of fermented foods. Capitalising on knowledge of ferments, they developed a unique method where 16 strains of Lactobacillus are fermented and aged for one year. After a full year’s fermentation, the active ingredients are extracted which contain high concentrations of Lactobacillus metabolites and bioactive peptides. (No live bacteria-but a highly active food source invigorating your own bacteria to grow.) The result – LACTIS

Confusion – what is right  or wrong?

Today, most people learn about their gut microbiota from the internet and depending on the websites/blogs you read – qualified or unqualified; you are sure to either feel confused and overwhelmed and do nothing; or perhaps even worse, venture down the wrong path and cause yourself even more gut disturbance.

This is where taking probiotics, prebiotics, live bacteria or fermented foods based on the theory of gut microbiome restoration can become problematic. Humans are all prone to thinking more is better and so it goes with trying to restore health to the gut. By self-prescribing and medicating in an attempt restore gut microbiota, the opposite can occur: more gas, bloating, discomfort and pain; as well as more frustration.

LACTIS meets your body’s digestive balance needs by functioning differently from a traditional Probiotic and is a potent alternative. It is designed for personalised health by promoting your own existing good bacteria to grow and suppresses the growth of bad bacteria.

Limits of Probiotics – Research has suggested that even when specific “live bacteria” in the form of probiotics is ingested by healthy people, it does not have longevity in the intestines. Rather; the bacteria become transient, with the majority being passed in faeces within one week.


Restoring gut health is a highly personalised exercise, you might not need the type of “live bacteria” that are likely costing you a fortune.

Why not consider LACTIS   –  a highly active food source invigorating your own bacteria to grow. Most of my patients notice a difference after 10-15 days!

Unique production Makes for a Unique Product LACTIS, a cultured lactobacillus extract is not just another probiotic or similar. Here is what sets LACTIS apart from other “live” lactobacillus products.


The manufacturing method is unique – 16 strains of lactobacillus are cultivated in soy milk allowing up to 1000 times the growth density of normal cultivation methods. Then, long term maturation via fermentation, enhances the quality of active ingredients. The final touch – a special extraction process that increases the potency of the end product known as LACTIS.


A recent study Published in the journal Cell asked the question……

Is there much benefit in the average person taking over-the-counter probiotics?


Research conducted by Prof. Eran Elinav Weizmann Institute of Science and colleagues says no — and suggests that in some cases, it could even cause harm.

Their research looked at how well over-the-counter probiotics populated a healthy gut, and how well they helped a person’s gut recover after antibiotics.

They said: It is now becoming evident that scientific evidence really only points to probiotics being effective for a few specific conditions


With reference to Prof. Eran Elinav’s published research data, the Journal Cell published research, Adelaide gastroenterologist Daniel Worthley commented: “What was interesting was that probiotic use seems to delay one’s normal flora returning.


” The best way of supporting a healthy gut microbiome, Dr Worthley stressed, was with a good diet. “Fundamentally what is indisputable is having a balanced diet rich in vegetables, which helps to foster a healthy microbiome. It’s the cornerstone on which a healthy gut is built.”


A diet that incudes all the food groups in small amounts is a balanced diet. The Mediteranean Diet attends to all food groups.


Your own gut bacteria need a predigested food source to survive and thrive. This is why fad diets or self prescribed diets often do damage. This is especially so if you have a diagnosed health condition.

Prof. Eran Elinav’s research was based on people with a healthy gut, but what happens when the gut is disturbed by surgical procedures, cancer treatment, pharmaceuticals etc?


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