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A large percent (95%) of supplemented probiotic bacteria may be destroyed by your stomach acid or passed out in stools. Biogenic LACTIS provides nutrional building blocks for your own good gut bacteria to grow & multiply. Thus it is not rejected by the stomach.
Live bacteria can be problematic causing bacterial resistance for immune compromised people e.g. cancer patients Since LACTIS has no live bacteria it’s a safer alternative. Lactobacillus Cellular Extracts (LACTIS) – scientifically proven to increase immunity in the intestines. 


Probiotics are a one size fits all approach without paying attention to the unique bacteria of the individual.  LACTIS – Lactobacillus metabolites help inhibit bad bacteria and aid the growth of good bacteria unique to the individual. .
Probiotics have been commonly reported to cause temporary increase in gas and bloating due to live bacteria. LACTIS can provide relief for long-term colon related health problems such as constipation, IBS, polyps, ulcerative colitis etc. 


You are what you eat – more importantly you are what your gut bacteria eat…

LACTIS is not a replacement for a balanced diet. Rather, it is a value-add to your diet in the form of a fermented nutraceutical extract that contains lactobacillus metabolites & bioactive cellular extracts. Best health is achieved when eating small amounts from all food groups; and including LACTIS; giving your gut microbes a varied diet.


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