Chitsu The original and signature Fermented Extract Elixir. Since 1984.

Chitsu is a stronger version of fermented lactobacillus extract (5 times more concentrated than its sister product LACTIS); often prescribed for patients dealing with IBS, gut damage from chemotherapy or radiation and a number of other conditions that can be assisted by increasing populations of healthy gut bacteria. Remember a balanced diet – eating from all food groups assists with increasing good gut bacteria.

We provide Chitsu as a practitioner only product.


Soy allergy?  scroll page for information.

You can contact me via our contact page to either to purchase Chitsu directly or to request a consultation about Chitsu’s suitability for you. The product is deemed to have a high safety profile. In general, consumers cannot overdose on LACTIS/Chitsu. Both have been toxicity tested at approximately 120 times the quantity of the daily intake of 10ml of Lactis.

Contact Grace for pricing of Chitsu – POA (price on application)

Packaging: Chitsu is dispensed in individually sealed  6 x 10ml vials = 1 month supply
or can be purchased in a 5 months supply pacakage

Dose – Recommended daily intake is 2ml mixed with small glass of water.

More information:

Chitsu’s ingredients are identical to LACTIS but approximately 5 times more concentrated. It’s an exclusive brand for practitioners and is the practitioners choice in Japan. For adult patients suffering from chronic symptoms such as IBS, prolong cases of constipation/diarrhea, autoimmune disease such as IBD, Crohn’s disease, stomach ulcers, cancer, after chemotherapy or any unknown GI disorders that is difficult to resolve may benefit greatly from this more concentrated version of LACTIS.

The ingredients are all natural and organically grown – Chitsu and LACTIS are fermented functional food supplements. Created from the manufacturers own organic soybean farm located near Mt Fuji, Japan.

16 strains of Lactobacillus are fermented and aged for one year with an emphasis on quality. After a full year’s fermentation, the active ingredients are extracted which contain a high concentration of Lactobacillus metabolites and bioactive peptides.

Note: *soy allergen possibility: Before the batch is imported into Australia, it gets tested by Japan Food Research Laboratories. Soy Allergen is not detected by the ELISA method. More on ELISA method of allergen detection. Refer to





Lactis is a leading Japanese dietary supplement for digestive balance and now available in Australia & New Zealand, offering a unique alternative to Probiotics. The manufacturer has a rich 100-year history of Lactic Acid Bacteria research and the first to commercialise yoghurt production in Japan.

Soy safe:

The soybean farm is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji Japan. The quality of the soybeans is the lifeblood of the Lactic Acid Bacteria fermentation process. The microbe community in the soil help the soybeans to grow and thrive. No agriculture chemicals and artificial fertilisers are used, and all the weeds are pulled by hand.

A unique alternative to Probiotics,
Traveller friendly and does not require refrigeration
Natural long-term fermentation, enhances the quality of the bacteria


Direction of Use

Tear mouth of sachet to open. Drink one a day, as is, or dilute with up to one cup of water.
Consume immediately after opening the sachet.

·         Easy to take and traveller friendly.

·         Recommended mixing with water but can also be mixed with juice or warm tea.


Storage Method

Store at room temperature. Do not expose to excessive heat, humidity or direct sunlight.

Manufactured by B&S Corporation, Japan.

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