Probiotics Reinvented.

Recognised as world experts in fermentation of foods; in 1944 Japanese food researchers discovered a fermentation process that transformed their gut health industry.  In Japan this was not new information, but extended already known ancient knowledge about lactic acid bacteria that dates back centuries.

Japanese researchers changed from recommending live bacteria, to ferments that produced metabolites of live bacteria. Soymilk contains many nutrients that during the fermentation process become bio-available to nourish lactobacillus.

When 16 strains of lactobacillus are reared simultaneously in soymilk, survival mechanisms are activated, inviting the bacteria to consume the soy culture and strenthen the species.

Soymilk containing 16 strains of lactobacillus is fermented over one year causing the bacterial colony density to be ultra-high.

Bio-active ingredients are then filtered from the  fermented yoghurt waste.

This is why LACTIS appears transparent as only the bioactive lactobacillus metabolites and glycopeptide ingredients are extracted. 

This is how Japanese researchers created a product that soon surpassed the use of live bacteria probiotics and became the new generation of gut health in Japan LACTIS. 


**Soy allergen possibility?

Before a batch is imported into Australia, it is tested by Japan Food Research Laboratories. Soy allergen is not detected by the  ELISA method of allergen. For more on the ELISA method of of allergen detection refer to:

LACTIS offers more than probiotic supplements, is safer and created by natural processes designed to invigorate your own resident bacteria. Now you can enjoy the benefits of this trusted and researched product.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of this trusted and researched product.

Simple, easy to use at home, easy to travel with for office or air travel. 1 sachet in water. Tastes like mild lemon juice when mixed in a small glass of water.

LACTIS Feeds and invigorates your own good gut microbimes


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