Why Grace Gawler Recommends LACTIS for Cancer Patients

Grace Gawler is recognised as a pioneeer of cancer patient Advocacy and Supportive Care Medicine in Australia & NZ.

At 65, qualified in her craft and a Survivor in her own right; Grace still works passionately at the cancer coalface which provides an opportunity to determine safe & truly effective therapies for her patients. Searching for a better option/replacement for probiotics, about 18 months ago; she came upon a Japanese fermented product called LACTIS.

LACTIS – Japan’s best kept secret – beyond probiotics created near Mt Fuji

Japan’s best kept health Secret
: Already famous in Japan, evidence-based
LACTIS; comes to Australia with great credentials.

Excited by the long history of Japanese technology behind the product, its manufacture and quality control; she began trialling LACTIS herself and then with her patients!

Grace says:

I understand first-hand, the importance of good gut bacteria in a restorative health program. Due to surgical mishap during a routine prolapse repair/hysterectomy in 1997; my colon ceased to function which led me into years of compromised health; a colectomy, ileostomies, colostomies and removal of large sections of impaction-damaged large and even small bowel.

I was fortunate; because my studies and qualifications provided me with the best  opportunity whilst under adversity, to restore health to my remaining colon. I travelled overseas in 2002/03 and undertook an experimental neuromodulation program at a University hospital in the Netherlands. It was success! I was “bag-free”and functional –  and a veteran of 23 surgical procedures.
However, in the process, my colon health was dismal.

Over the years I tried all types of probiotics, made my own yoghurt, adjusted my diet. Although my colon was functional due to an implanted device that pulsed 6 volts 24-7 into my sacral nerve pathway; given all the surgical trauma, clearly my gut microbiomes were struggling. I had a massive task to restore my gut health!

By far LACTIS excels any product I have taken for gut restoration. Without doubt LACTIS has made the biggest contribution to my gut function/restoration. 

Probiotics were once thought to be the best way of re populating good gut bacteria; however recent studies make for a convincing reappraisal of the use of concentrated “live bacteria” probiotic supplements – especially for cancer patients. LACTIS contains NO LIVE BACTERIA – therefore it provides the safe option for cancer patients.

Grace Gawler’s Survivorship Story – To listen to her interview on BBC Bristol UK – Click here

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