Lactis Made Near Mount Fuji, Japan, from non-GMO organic soybeans, based on 100+ years of research

A highly effective alternative to probiotics – Lactis meets your body’ digestive balance needs by functioning differently from a traditional probiotic, as it is designed to invigorate your own existing good bacteria to grow.

Lactis is based on the Japanese tradition of functional foods.





Our associates: Japanese ManufacturerB&S Corporation     Australian Importer: RootHealth, Chatswood, NSW, Australia

History We honour the life and work of Japanese Bacteriologist Kazuyoshi Masagaki, 1901-1985; first President of B&S Corporation. His father Dr. Kakutaro Masagaki, was the first person to produce and sell yoghurt in Japan. His son Kazuyoshi, dedicated his life to Lactobacillus production and thus has led the world into a new generation of Biogenics and the development of LACTIS.


Explore LACTIS and feel the difference!

Convenient 10 ml sachets – add to a glass of water for best effect.


Purchase 1 month supply for only $118.00 (30 sachets)







Proceeds support our cancer charity work – the Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship & Research.