Here is what sets LACTIS apart from other  lactobacillus products.

LACTIS is a biogenic product and functional food:

The term “functional foods” was introduced by the Japanese government in the mid-1980s. These foods are products used as part of a normal diet with effects beyond their basic nutritional functions, such as providing physiological benefits and reducing the risk of chronic diseases 

The manufacturing method is unique – 16 strains of lactobacillus are cultivated in soy milk allowing up to 1000 times the growth density of normal cultivation methods. Then, long term maturation via fermentation, enhances the quality of active ingredients. The final touch – a special extraction process that increases the potency of the end product known as LACTIS. The concept of functional foods has gained universal acceptance as a preventive and therapeutic approach to increase health and wellbeing as well as helping to restore health.



Explore LACTIS and feel the difference!

Convenient 10 ml sachets – add to a glass of water for best effect.


Purchase 1 month supply for only $118.00 (30 sachets)







Proceeds support our cancer charity work – the Grace Gawler Institute for Cancer Survivorship & Research.