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Beyond Probiotics

The pinnacle of Japanese fermentation technology: a unique alternative to probiotics

Discover the unique secret of LACTIS for health restoration and general wellbeing!

  Recommended by Grace Gawler – 44 years’ experience as a qualified botanical & nutritional specialist. Australian & NZ pioneer of supportive care & complementary approaches for cancer patients, Grace says, “LACTIS is at the forefront of biogenic functional foods for disease prevention & health promotion.

As a qualified health practitioner; I prescribe LACTIS for my clients for both wellbeing and health restoration. For cancer patients a biogenic extract such as LACTIS, is not only more effective, but a safer alternative than “live bacteria” probiotics. LACTIS is an exceptional functional food supplement providing nutrition that can invigorate gut microbiomes. LACTIS helps to remedy deficiencies in gut microflora caused by medications including chemotherapy & radiotherapy as well as deficits caused by poor diet and a stressful lifestyle.”  

How can LACTIS achieve such outstanding results?

Cultured Lactobacillus Extract is the fermented extract of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) obtained through a special and patented extraction process where 16 strains of LAB are co-cultivated in soymilk.

The unique secret of LACTIS’ efficacy is that this extract does not contain live Lactobacillus, but Lactobacillus secretions (extract created by lactic acid bacteria) and lactic acid bacteria cell compounds.

Whether you are a cancer patient before, during or after Chemotherapy; or just someone who is simply wanting to improve health in a stress-free manner without radical dietary changes – LACTIS can help You!

Not a probiotic – no live Bacteria

Lactobacillus Biogenic Fermented Extracts are considered the next generation functional food supplement for digestive health.

  Select the order now button  to Purchase LACTIS (30 X 10ML) $118.50 AUD Or visit The Shop on the menu bar for LACTIS and other healthy promoting fermented supplements. Easy to take – conveniently packaged for home, travel or hospital Directions: Take 1 x 10 ml sachet daily in a small glass of water

Why Purchase from us? 1.  Your purchase supports our Health Promotion Charity – The Grace Gawler Institute

                                           2.  Cancer Patients – Expert practitioner advice about LACTIS is available – contact Grace

Not sure if LACTIS is right for you?

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Try a Starter Pack today for only $62.50 and feel the LACTIS difference! To purchase CLICK HERE The starter pack contains 15 days supply of LACTIS Convenient 10 ml sachets – add to a glass of water for best effect.   The LACTIS Difference  Unique production Makes for a Unique Product LACTIS, a cultured lactobacillus extract is not just another probiotic or similar.

Here is what sets LACTIS apart from other “live” lactobacillus products. The manufacturing method is unique – 16 strains of lactobacillus are cultivated in soy milk allowing up to 1000 times the growth density of normal cultivation methods.

Then, long term maturation via fermentation, enhances the quality of active ingredients. The final touch – a special extraction process that increases the potency of the end product known as LACTIS. Orders mailed at no extra charge to Australia and New Zealand


LACTIS – The Key to Your Good Health & Wellbeing