Japanese researchers have demonstrated that fermented lactic acid bacteria liquid (Lactis) also termed ‘LAB Extract Fermentation’ has been shown to have an active effect on intestinal immunity and general intestinal health which reflects throughout the body; improving overall health.

In addition, results of further research indicated that when a before and after research study was performed on healthy sports instructors (88 female and 3 male subjects) by taking ‘LAB Extract Fermentation’

*70% of respondents experienced an improvement in constipation
*88% an improvement in faecal odour
*84% an improvement in flatulence odour
*46% an improvement in fatigue
*58% an improvement in shoulder muscle stiffness
*78% had an improvement in skin condition.

Ageing skin: The old adage that beauty comes from the inside out; may have some truth.

Results of another study in relation to skin and ageing with a study group of 8 women who made no other lifestyle change, showed that all of the test subjects experienced positive and definite changes in skin texture and appearance compared to before taking LAB Extract Fermentation.

All changes were observed and recorded.

It was noted that after taking LAB Extract Fermentation (10 ml in water daily for three months) that the grooves, which make up our skin texture, were more neatly aligned and that the skin had become smoother. (Also proven by microscopic skin images of study group).

The intestinal environment and skin condition share a close relationship, in which the skin condition is a valuable parameter which can be used to reflect the intestinal environment.

The researchers believe that LAB Extract Fermentation had the effect of balancing the intestinal environment and that this was reflected in the skin condition of all the test subjects.


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